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From the Desk of Mike Smith

Welcome to the new Crown Point Graphics Blog page.  Exciting events are happening around here. As of November 20th 2019, Crown Point Graphics is under new ownership.  My name is Mike Smith and I am excited to be leading us into the future.

I spent 20+ years in the print industry with a focus to digital print and when I heard about the potential of making Crown Point Graphics my new home, it didn’t take me long after meeting the wonderful people who work here, seeing the beautiful product that we produce and hearing about the wonderful reputation CPG has in the industry to know I wanted to be a part of it.

I want to thank Mike and Susan Bursaw for starting and building something special and giving me the opportunity to grow what they built.  We wish them a very happy retirement.

Some of the changes you will be seeing from us in the future start with adding this blog to our website.  This will be where we keep you informed about all the exciting new events that will be happening with CPG.  We plan to have content that is topical such as what to put in a card when you are stuck for words, the state of the greeting card industry, what is happening at CPG, and other items of interest to us and hopefully to you.

To give you a quick taste of what is coming in the near future, we plan to introduce 2 new brands in the next couple of months, we are looking at new art for the coming year, and looking to feature even more interviews with the artists we love.  Please book mark this blog and check back often to stay up to date with what is happening around Crown Point Graphics.

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