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The Times They Are a Changin

Yes I am a Bob Dylan fan

I attended my first NY Now/Surtex/National Stationery Show this the other weekend and wow what an experience.  Carol and I were able to sit down with a lot of artists and licensors to look at new art.  It is amazing what is out there and available to bring alive on greeting cards and other items.  Carol is now busy going through all the art looking at what we will incorporate in future lines.  I can’t wait.

Speaking of future lines stay tuned we have plans to announce two new card lines over the next several months.  Both of these lines will take us into new themes and we are working hard to come up with the concepts, the art, the versing and other offerings.  The creative juices are flowing around here as everyone is a buzz about what this might mean for you the customer.

In anticipation of new lines, new markets and a new direction, we have been hard at work getting ready to open a new online store.  I know, I know,  some of you are saying “About Time”.  We have heard from customers time and again “Where can we find your cards?”  So beginning Feb 17th we will be launching our online store.   This means you will now be able to find our product both in retail stores and online.

As I began “The times they are a changing”


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