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Annie LaPoint

“More than ever, I love each moment I spend painting and creating in my studio. My hope is that my artwork brings as much joy and peace to others, as I receive in creating it.”

As one of our top selling artists, Annie LaPoint has always been a wonderful addition to the Crown Point Graphics family. 

Our relationship with Annie began in 1998 when Penny Lane Publishing introduced us. Her first successes within Crown Point were with her topiary pieces. She was one of the first artists we licensed. 

Easy to work with, Annie has always been opened minded and willing to branch out and adjust her style, which we love, when it comes to our company’s needs.

We’ve enjoyed working with Annie over the years and look forward to seeing what artwork we create together in the future.

Annie LaPoint loved to draw and paint at an early age and knew as a young girl she would grow up to be an artist. Annie has been known for many years for her popular watercolor paintings of mossy garden pots filled with ivy topiaries and blooms of all kinds.

Today, Annie’s fresh new artwork is keeping up with today’s trends in the world of art and licensing. Painting with bright colors and collaging with vintage hymnals and books, her fun creative designs are making a lot of people smile! “More than ever, I love each moment I spend painting and creating in my studio. My hope is that my artwork brings as much joy and peace to others, as I receive in creating it.” 

If you look carefully you will find a scripture reference from the Bible tucked away in every painting. Annie says, “It’s a way I can give each painting back to the Lord God. He’s the One who gave me this talent in the first place, and He is the Greatest Artist of all!”

Since 2001, Annie and her husband Ken have had a ministry in Mexico, building homes and churches in very poor communities. Today, their organization ULBC Casabuilders, along with volunteer groups, is building “Mi Casa Children’s Home” in Tecate, Mexico. They’re looking forward to welcoming young children in need of a caring home to the five acre Mi Casa Ranch, in the very near future!

Interview with Annie LaPoint

What made you want to become an artist?

When I was a little girl, it was my dream to become an artist. From a very early age I loved to paint, draw and be creative. My mother would keep me well stocked with paint, paper, and paint-by-number kits, that always encouraged me to explore art.

How would you describe your art to someone who is unfamiliar with it?

When I began painting for the art and licensing industry in 1998, my early garden themed paintings were rich watercolors of potted flowers and ivy topiaries. Today my mixed media artwork is fun, fresh and fits right in with the home and garden gift trends of today. I love to paint with vibrant colors, collage from vintage hymnals & scripture, and I always try to share words of hope and faith in every piece.

What has been the biggest influence on your design work?

The biggest influences on designing my artwork are things in life that I love. Like flowers and birds in the garden, waves and seashells at the beach, and all the things in creation that inspire me. I also pray a lot while I make art, always asking God for direction. I would like to think that He is my biggest influence.

What is your personal motto?

“The best is yet to come!”

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since becoming an artist?

To always keep looking forward, never stop creating new artwork, and stay encouraged! In this competitive, ever changing world of art licensing, you must keep a positive and faith-filled attitude.

What inspires you? Where do you get inspiration for new concepts?

Day to day I am inspired by many things, and it changes from season to season. I am inspired by spring gardens, summer blooms, fall leaves, and everything Christmas! God’s magnificent creation of flowers, trees, animals, and all the colors in life, motivate me to re-create all that He has made on this earth, and given by Him for us to enjoy.

What are your plans for the future?

I am sure that I will always stay inspired and creative as an artist, and I will continue make art as long as I can. Something many people don’t know about my husband Ken and Me, is that his organization, “ULBC Casabuilders” is currently building a children’s home in Mexico. Who knows, maybe I’ll become an art teacher there one day!

What is your favorite work of art (done by you)?

I do not have one favorite piece of artwork of my own. There are so many that I love, that it’s hard to pick just one.

What is your creative workspace like?

My large art table sits in the middle of a comfy upstairs space I call “the upper room.” In the center of my table is always a work of art in progress, surrounded by paints and brushes, pens and pencils, and other “tools” I like to work with. I keep a small decorated Christmas tree up at all time in one corner of my table, and brightly colored flowers in the other to keep me inspired for every season. The room is filled with samples of my products, my paintings on the walls, and a cozy couch and chair where I can visit with friends and family.

If you could spend a day with one artist, living or dead, who would it be and what would you do?

My grandmother, Edna Moreing, was an artist that only painted a few pieces of artwork. She passed away when I was young. There is only one existing image of hers of a beautiful forest full of trees that hangs on my brother’s wall, and if I got the chance to spend one day with my grandma, it would simply be to sit together and hear her share her life story with me.

What art projects are you currently working on and how are they different from past projects?

I am currently creating fun new greeting cards for Crown Point Graphics. The designs are much simpler than cards I have painted in the past. I am giving the term, “Less is More” a try!

What statement do you hope to make with your art?

If I had to describe what statement I hope to make with my artwork, it would simply be to share Joy, Peace, Hope, Love and Faith.

What stands out to you as one of your favorite professional highlights so far?

A huge highlight as an artist for me has been my 16 year relationship with the people of Penny Lane Publishing and Licensing. They have done an excellent job representing me as an artist, but more importantly they have become a unique group of friends and family to me that I am thankful for daily.

What is your favorite part of your job as an artist?

Next to painting and creating art, I love meeting the public and spending time with people who enjoy and collect my artwork. Also, whenever the opportunity comes up I really love to encourage others to be creative and grow as artists themselves.

Do you have a website to showcase your designs?

What do you feel makes your designs unique?

I think an artist’s personality is what comes through and makes their art and designs unique. For me I hope it’s the essence of who I am and what I love that sets my artwork apart from others.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part of designing artwork for licensed products is when someone needs designs in a very short amount of time. If life happens to be extra busy, it can be very difficult to manage it all and meet the deadline for the artwork. It always works out though and sometimes that pressure can be very invigorating!

What is your creative process like?

Whether I’m feeling artistically inspired or not, working on art and creating new designs always begins with sitting down at my art table and looking over what I’ve been working on. If I am in the middle of a painting or collection, I begin where I left off, and if I’m not in the mood to paint, it’s only a matter of minutes that I am fully engaged in the process and excited to create. When I’m in a place where I can begin fresh new artwork, I always pray and ask the Lord for His direction. I also keep a growing sketchbook and a very long list of creative ideas to pull from. I have never been at a loss of what to paint and create next. I love what I get to do as a licensed artist, and painting fills me with joy.