WOW hard to believe it has been 2 months since my last blog. What a fall. I look out my window and see all the brilliant fall colors, the crisp air, the smell of bonfires, roasting marshmallows, sweet tart apples. I love this season!

While Christmas 2020 has been finished for a couple of months now, that doesn't mean the Design team wasn't hard at work. We began a secret project back in June and challenged the team to come up with a completely new category for Crown Point Graphics. That category was puzzles. We spent countless hours learning what type of art needed to be selected for the category, what made a good design, where would we manufacture, how much would it cost, what features should we include. puzzle art proof Once we had settled on those options, it was a mad scramble for the Design team to come up with packaging, design the product and have it all ready for upload by the end of July. It was an effort worthy of Athena's praise. The team pulled together and completed it by the deadline and we had 15 new product designs ready for production.

Throughout the late summer and early fall the team was hard at work proofing the packaging and designs. Here are Carol and Tracy approving the print samples.

We eagerly awaited seeing finished product. It was a hard August and September just waiting. We knew we had something special. Crown Point Graphics has always been known for great design. The hours of looking at different art from great artists, the excitement from our licensors that we were entering a new category. The team enthusiasm for something new. Waiting was hard, but finally just a couple of weeks ago our pre- production samples arrived for approval. We were stunned. The soft coated pieces and matte boxes were gorgeous. The team of Vicki, Carol, Yvonne and Kristin had outdone themselves.  

Here are Steven and Carol counting the pieces and quality assuring one of the designs. Notice all the other proofing being pushed to the side, because well you know, puzzles came in. Priorities :)

And well you can't just count pieces right? Somebody has to assemble the puzzle to make sure they are the RIGHT pieces. Where else can you work with great people, great art and get to play with puzzles as part of your job? Right here at Crown Point Graphics. Puzzles will be available online in early December. We hope that you will pick up a couple for gifts or just something fun to occupy the long winter nights.

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