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Boxed Christmas Cards - Celebrate and Sing

Boxed Christmas Cards - Celebrate and Sing

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Christmas Hymns is our boxed Christmas card assortment, designed with the modern Christian woman in mind. These cards effortlessly blend contemporary elegance with the timeless beauty of garland, pinecones, and berries, creating a captivating visual experience that will surely resonate with your faith.

The garland gracefully weaves across each card, symbolizing the unity and strength found in our shared beliefs. The pinecones, with their intricate details, represent growth and renewal—reminders of the constant journey of faith. And the vibrant berries add a touch of color and joy, reflecting the abundant blessings we celebrate during the Christmas season.

These cards are infused with even deeper meaning as we've selected cherished verses from the King James (KJV) scripture. These verses serve as gentle reminders of God's unfailing love and guidance, bringing comfort, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose to your heart.

This faith based boxed Christmas assortment is thoughtfully designed to resonate with the contemporary Christian woman. The modern aesthetic, sleek typography, and clean lines lend an air of sophistication, making these cards a true reflection of your style and values. Each card is carefully printed on premium-quality paper, ensuring a luxurious feel that matches the sentiments expressed within.

Whether you're sending warm wishes to family, friends, or fellow members of your faith community, these cards will touch the hearts of those who receive them. Their contemporary appeal, combined with the profound message of the NIV scripture, makes them the perfect choice for expressing your faith and extending holiday blessings to loved ones.

Celebrate the joy and beauty of Christmas with our faith-filled Boxed Christmas Card Assortment. Experience the perfect fusion of contemporary design, heartfelt scripture, and artistic elegance, all crafted to uplift your spirit and bring joy to those who receive your heartfelt greetings. Order your set today and share the love, hope, and faith that make this season truly magical.

King James (KJV) Scripture on each card
Special Features - printed on the inside
Boxed Christmas card assortment with 12 cards and envelopes
3 each of 4 designs

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